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TONA CO is among the oldest private companies in agro-food Korce and Albania, which started operations in 1992, in the first years of democracy and free market economy.
TONA CO, successes and gains on investments gradually turned to be a strong market vanguard throughout Albania. As a result, in 1998 was enabled to invest in building a modern factory in the city of Korca with 2800 m2 space, investment that quickly gave its fruits. Our investments in years was accompanied by an intense marketing targeting gradual increase of the markets in Albania.
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Our Products
  • Kernace
  • Pariza
  • Sallam frankurter
  • Sallam lioner
  • Sallam Luziana
  • Sallam Parizier
  • Sallam Pica Proshute
  • Porshute Kondrafileto
  • Salcice
  • Pica
  • Kremvice
  • Sallam Turist
  • Sallam Kokteil Viener
  • Sallam Bavaria
  • Llukanik Fermeri

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